Aileen P. Roberts is the pseudonym of the author Claudia Loessl, who was bornin Duesseldorf, 1975. After her studies in Social Work she worked in several jobs, e.g. as a riding instructur, and as an instructor for riding for the disabled.
At the age of 19 she travelled to Scotland for the first time - and discovered her celtic soul. She now lives on the Isle of Skye in Scotland
She started writing in 2005, and published several books, which mostly take part in the Highlands of Scotland or Ireland.

Her Fantasynovel "Thondras Kinder" (Thondras Children) was published by Goldmann (Random House) in 2009, followed by the Weltennebel-Triologie: The Magic Portal, The Realm of the Dark Elves, In the Shadow of the Demons.
In August 2012 her new historic fantasy novel "Der Feenturm" (The Fairy Tower) was released.
2013 "Elvancor - Das Land jenseits der Zeit und Das Reich der Schatten ("Elvancor - The land beyond" time and "The realm of Shadows" was published by Goldmann. "The Fairytower" won the 2nd price of the German Phantasik-Price 2013

Reading at the bookfair in Leipzig 2012.

If you are interested in the translation of her published books, please view the Foreign rights page of Goldmann or follow the links below for details about the books.

- Weltenmagie 1 - Der letzte Drache (Worldmagic 1- The last dragon, 2014

- Elvancor - Das Land jenseits der Zeit (Elvacor - The Land beyond time, Volume 1 and 2) , 2013

- Der Feenturm (The Fairy Tower), 2012

World Fog Triology:
- Das magische Portal [The Magic Portal], 2011
- Das Reich der Dunkelelfen [The Realm of the Dark Elves], 2011
- Im Schatten der Dämonen [In the Shadow of the Demons], 2011

Thondra's Children Series:
- Volume 1: Die Zeit der Sieben [The Time of the Seven], 2009
- Volume 2: Am Ende der Zeit [At the End of Time], 2009


Former books:
- Deana und der Feenprinz Volume 1-3 (Deana and the fairy prince)
- Die Rhiann-Trilogie (The Rhiann Triologie)
- Dìonàrah - Das Geheimnis der Kelten Band I und II (Dìonàrah - The secret of the celts Volume 1 and 2)
- Die Rhivanya-Trilogie (The Rhivaniya Triologie)
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